Water Line Replacement/Additions

A water line will generally provide years of service to property owners. If you notice higher water bills, lower water pressure, discolored water, wet basement floors or walls, or soggy spots in your yard, it might be a sign that your water line needs replacement; or perhaps you have a leak.

The most common cause of water line problems is age: water lines corrode over time and can break or leak. In other cases, tree roots can damage water lines as can other matters, like damage from yard work. Never leave a water line problem untreated! It can lead to serious costly damage to your home and expensive water bills.

Rocklin Water Line Solutions
The first thing our Rocklin plumbers will do is inspect your plumbing system to diagnose the problem. We use some of the most advanced equipment available, including endoscopic cameras. This allows us to find the exact cause of the problems without having to tear apart your yard or walls.

We always recommend the simplest solution which will take care of the problem. If we can fix the water line problem by applying a coating to the crack, then we won’t recommend complete water line replacement. In cases where it is absolutely necessary to replace the entire water line, then we will make the process as painless as possible for you, and aim for no-dig solutions like slip lining. Our team will be respectful of your property and avoid digging up more than necessary. With Plumbing Doctor, you never have to worry about hidden costs because we work on a fixed per-job rate.

With Rocklin Plumbing Doctor standing by to help, there is no reason not to get your water line problems taken care of. Call us today to find out how we can help.

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