Sewer Replacement

If inspection shows that your sewer line is beyond repair, then you will need to have it replaced. Contrary to common belief, sewer replacement does not have to be a massive job with excavators and bulldozers. Using modern technology, Rocklin Plumbing can quickly and easily replace your sewer line without it costing a fortune.

How Trenchless Sewer Replacement Works
Trenchless technology has been around since the 70s but it was only in the past couple of decades that it became a readily-available solution for homeowners. In basic terms, trenchless technology is the process of putting a pipe inside a pipe.

To get a new pipe in your sewer line, the new pipe will be flipped inside out and connected to one end. Then water is used to push the new pipe through the old sewer pipe. The pressure causes the pipe to expand as it enters the pipe. By the time the ends are sealed off, you have a brand new sewer system. This method is often also called sewer slip lining.

Some of the benefits of trenchless sewer replacement are:
• No/little damage to property
• No risk of damaging nearby pipes (like gas pipes)
• Quick process
• Long life on new sewer
• Low cost solution

Trenchless sewer replacement isn’t always the best option for California homeowners. In some cases, other sewer replacement work may be necessary, such as sewer vent stack replacement. After diagnosing your problem, you can depend on Rocklin Plumbing to carefully explain the problem to you and help you pick the best solution.

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