Repipe Plumbing

Most people don’t pay attention to their plumbing systems until service is needed. As far as pipes, old and corroded pipes may need replacing. Repipe plumbing can save you the hassle of dealing with leaks and add to the value of your home.

How Repipe Plumbing Works
There are many different ways to replace the plumbing in a home. The best method will depend on the condition of your existing pipes, how accessible they are, and your budget. At Rocklin Plumbing, we always take the time to explain the options, and help you decide which one is best for your unique situation.

Total pipe replacement is recommended in situations where 1) the pipes are in disastrous condition or are made from lead and 2) you will have access to the pipes, such as during a remodel. Unfortunately, total pipe replacement will require us to break down walls and floors. That is why we advise doing this work at the same time as remodels.

Another option is to only replace some of the pipes in your home. Using endoscopic cameras, we can help you locate the pipes which are in the worst condition. We can also easily replace exposed pipes, such as those in your basement or near fixtures.

A method of repipe plumbing which is becoming increasingly popular uses PEX piping for slip lining. PEX piping looks a lot like a large garden house. It is very strong and can withstand many temperatures so it resists freezing. The PEX piping can be pushed through your existing old pipes. We seal off the connections so you get a completely new piping system without having to break down walls or floors.

No matter what repiping option you choose, you can expect the best services from Rocklin Plumbing. We always do the job quickly and efficiently so. Our rates are fair and on a per-job basis, so you know exactly how much your repiping will cost.

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