Gas Line Installation and Repair

For gas line installation and repair needs, you can count on Rocklin Plumbing to get the job done right. We have an expert staff of licensed gas fitters who know how to fit and size gas lines and also diagnose and fix any problems which might arise.

Rocklin Gas Line Installations
Gas is becoming increasingly more popular than oil and electricity. It produces less emissions, is cheaper to run, and is also very versatile. Gas stoves and ovens are the most common installations but homeowners also use gas for:
• Heating
• Patio barbecues
• Fireplaces
• Pool heaters
• Lamps
• Laundry dryers

When you choose Rocklin Plumbing for your gas line installation, you can rest assured that you are getting a safe, tested installation. You also will get the best customer service available. We treat you with the respect you deserve, and make the installation process easy on you. If we must dig up your yard or cut into walls, we will do everything in our power to minimize damage. We always clean up after ourselves so you aren’t left with a mess!

Rocklin Gas Line Repairs
Gas lines are generally very safe but, should any damage occur, you need to take the matter seriously. Leave your home right away. Only once you are well away from your home should you use cell phones. Call the fire department and your gas company at once. They will come to secure the area. When they say it is safe, you can call us at Rocklin Plumbing to locate the problem and promptly make any necessary repairs.

Don’t put your gas lines in the hands of amateurs. Call Rocklin Plumbing experts for safe, efficient gas line repairs and installations.

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