Garbage Disposal Repair/Replacement

Garbage disposals make kitchen cleanup very convenient and also help avoid clogs in your main sink drain. Unfortunately though, many homeowners use their garbage disposals improperly. They put food stuffs down the disposal which shouldn’t go there, such as oils, paper products, and egg shells.

Don’t risk garbage disposal injury. For garbage disposal repair or replacement, call Rocklin Plumbing.

Why Have a Professional Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal?
A garbage disposal seems like such a simple device that many homeowners are tempted to take care of it themselves. It isn’t until they open it up that they realize just how many parts a garbage disposal has. For example, one common GE model of garbage disposal has 25 parts – and this doesn’t include the screws, electrical components, or plumbing elements.

If the components aren’t fitted precisely together, then garbage disposal leaks occur. The leaks include ground up bits of food and can be very malodorous. In other cases, faulty installation can lead to jams, clogs, or vibrations which damage the machine.

You probably have better things to do with your time than take apart the disposal and try to guess what the problem is. With the trained eye of a plumber, the problem can be diagnosed quickly. At Rocklin Plumbing, we always send our plumbers out in a vehicle that is stocked with all of the tools and supplies necessary for fixing all plumbing problems. For most major brands of garbage disposals, we often have the necessary parts to fix the problem on the spot.

We make it easy to solve all of your garbage disposal problems. Call us today for a no-obligation quote on garbage disposal repair or replacement.

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