Drain Backups

Drain backups are a literal nightmare: dirty sewage water starts coming out of your shower drains, your toilets overflow, or your basement floods. When this happens, you will want to completely stop using the water in your home and call Rocklin Plumbing for immediate services.

Clog or Sewer Line Problem?
When we talk about clogs, it is usually in reference to small obstructions in your pipes which prevent water from going down the drain. The clogs can cause water to backup, but the backup will be confined to one fixture; i.e. you turn on the faucet and the water stays in the basin. Most clogs can generally be cleaned with a drain snake.

With drain backups, the problems are usually a bit more complex. The problem might be farther down your drain line or in your sewer main. Since your waste water can’t escape, it starts backing up into your fixtures. You can end up with some bizarre things happening when you use your water – like hearing air bubbles in your toilet when you turn on the faucet or having sewage come into your tub when you flush the toilet.

How We Solve Drain Backups
No matter how big or small the job is, Rocklin Plumbing has the knowledge and equipment to solve all of your drain backup problems. Clogs in your sinks, showers, toilets, and bathtubs can generally be cleaned rapidly with a drain snake. In cases where great lengths of your drain system are clogged, we may opt to use high pressure water jetting. The jetting cleans all debris from your pipes so you can see immediate benefits.

When your sewer causes the backup, you can still count on Rocklin Plumbing to quickly solve the problem. We can jet sewer drains or, if your sewer line is damaged, we can do trenchless repairs such as with pipe lining.

With affordable rates, courteous plumbers, and guaranteed services, you will be glad that you chose Rocklin Plumbing to take care of your drains! Call us today to find out how we can help.

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